Sushi Inoue

I started hearing about Inoue from my japanese friends in New York. Everyone was raving about it and nobody could explain why it was in Harlem! Since I love sushi and I live in Harlem took my partner there for her birthday.

This place is incredible! Pure culinary art!

Omakase is clearly the way to go. Let the chef decide everything and just enjoy!

Like most high end sushi places, it’s more expensive at the bar than at the table, but it is worth it for the added spectacle of seeing the preparation of your food happen in front of your eyes.

July 2017 UPDATE:
I haven’t been to this place for over a year and since Inuoue got a Michelin star. This means that unfortunately the price has gone up to $250/person for Omakase at the bar. You can however still have your sushi experience at the table for $90/person which, considering it’s the same fish and same quality, is definitely worth it. I’ve updated this post to $$$$/$$$$$!

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