Le Galopin

Relatively new restaurant on the Parisian food scene. Not a lot of tables so a reservation is required. But it can accomodate shall groups of 4-6 people. At €54 for a 7 course fixed menu dinner (plus wine of course), this place is priced very honestly for the quality of the food. The no frill service and the friendly and courteous staff make it a great unpretentious but delicious spot in the heart of Paris.

Mushroom soup with the texture of a miso soup and a surprise of salmon roe at the bottom.

White asparagus with compote gelatine cubes, slices of kiwi, mint and feta cheese.

Perfectly cooked juicy chicken with a great assortment of fresh vegetables.

Rather than coffee (which in France pretty much sucks everywhere) this is a delicious coffee ice cream with kumquat and crunchy sweets.

This place is definitely worth another visit!

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