Officine Degli Apuli

Great restaurant of Apulian specialties in the heart of Bologna.

Often times restaurants that offer meat, fish and pizza in the same place are not that great or not that great at all three of them. Not the case here.

I’ve been going back to this place almost every year and the quality is consistent. I’ve been there with just a few people and with large groups of 15-20 people on a busy night and service can sometimes be a bit slow but the food is amazing.

On my last visit we’ve had a mixture of seafood and pizza.

The cold and hot seafood appetizer was beautifully presented and a great balance of flavors and textures. The cold part includes tuna tartare, caramelized red onions, squid with zucchini, baby shrimps in tomatoes:

You can order a real burrata cheese appetizer separately. It comes from Andria (where the best burrata is from) and this was one of the best burratas I’ve had outside of Puglia.

The hot appetizers includes “pepata di cozze” (which are mussels baked with bread crumbs and lemon) and are a specialty of Taranto.

Jumbo shrimps in warm tomatoes sauce:

Squid ink pasta:

Linguine with clams:

Paccheri pasta with Ricciola (yellowtail) and cherry tomatoes:

Octopus on a bed of fava beans purée and chicory:

Pizza “Martinese” with stracciatella cheese and capocollo meat:

Almond Semifreddo dessert:

Pistachio Semifreddo restaurant:


After working with U2 in New Orleans my crew and I definitely needed a well deserved meal to celebrate and although there was no time to hit the usual restaurants everyone knows about, we decided to try something that got good reviews and was on the way to the airport.

Meauxbar is sort of a farm to table bistro with some very interesting dishes. Nothing fancy but good food and nice atmosphere in which executive chef John Bel and his team provide sober renditions of inventive dishes that are a joy for the palate and are easy on the eyes and the body.

I’m a lover and a connoisseur of burrata and I have had some incredible ones in Southern Italy (where burrata IS from), some really bad frozen ones in Italian restaurants around the US, some decent ones from stores, farmers and restaurants. Well let me tell you, this burrata was one of the best ones I’ve ever had in the US! I don’t know how they do it but I asked the waiter and he said it was not imported from Italy but made by a nearby Louisiana cheese maker which really surprised me. Served on a bed of summer squash, sunflower seeds and peaches vinaigrette, honestly this burrata was so authentic tasting that it might as well have been served on a bed of rocks and it would have been delicious anyway!

Would have been a shame to be there and not have some gulf products so we tried the special of the day (scallops on a bed of kale and rice) and the Gulf Fish courtbouillon, both very good.

The $35 pre fix lunch came with a dessert and I had the fennel mousse which was truly exquisite as well!!