Opened in 2011 by a kiwi and brit who came from the highly regarded Left Bank restaurant Fish La Boissonnerie, this place offers some great fish preparations (after all you are in the Poisonnerrie neighborhood) served in a casual setting and to a very local crowd. Very centrally located, a block from the subway and affordable, the restaurant also has a small wine shop.

€28 for appetizer and dessert or €34 for main and dessert. If you are two people I suggest you do one of each so you can share an appetizer and share a dessert and still have one entrée each, so you can try more things!

Great lunch spot!

Although it doesn’t look like it, that is an octopus salad and it was rather good. It certainly is no match to the octopus in Spain or Southern Italy but I did appreciate the different take on the preparation of such a delicacy.

Beautifully played salmon with bonito fish skin flakes and ratatouille.

Amazing dessert made with rice pudding, citrus and exotic fruit (mango, passion fruit) and gentle layers of creme brûlé crust.

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