C.K. Dezerter

On a recent business trip to Krakow I was looking for a good lunch spot to eat some dumplings and other local specialties and I was recommended this place.

It’s only a block off the main square but that basically keeps it off the tourist map and yet still very conveniently located.

The food and the ambience was great. At lunch only a few tables were occupied so I took the one by the window which allowed for some people watching.

I basically knew I wanted to have dumplings. I think I got a mixed portion and they were delicious.

I also wanted to try some other local specialties and so I got the chicken liver and the herring. Both were very tasty but, in spite of the fact that they were appetizers, the portions were huge so I quickly regretted ordering two things and I ended up not finishing the huge plate of liver.

I would definitely recommend this place for a local no-frills spot away from the tourists. Don’t get me wrong, the menu is in English and Polish, so it’s not like it’s a hidden locals-only spot, but I was the only non-local in there at lunch so it seemed pretty authentic and the prices were very fair as well.

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